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Jordan's Band Saw Sharpening Service

We specialize in sharpening thin-kerf band mill and resaw blades from 1" to 1 3/4" wide, 3/4" to 1" pitch. We do not sharpen carbide tip blades. Please call to ensure we can sharpen your bandsaw blades. We can sharpen Timber Wolf, Wood-Mizer, Simonds, Lenox, MunkforsSagar and any other bandsaw blade manufactured within the range as stated above.  We guarantee your blades will cut consistently straighter than they ever have before.  Assuming your sawmill or resaw is in good working condition (if it is not we can supply technical support to get it there), your bandsaw blades will cut with ease and in return make you more money because they will cut longer and smoother*.


We have owned and operated a full-time bandsaw sawmill since 1987 and have been sharpening bandsaw blades just as long. We check the quality of our sharpening everyday when we run the sawmill.


We are an authorized bandsaw sharpening center for Suffolk Machine Corp., manufacturer of Timber Wolf bandsaw blades.


Resharp Pricing:

$6.50 - up to 12' 9" (in length)

$7.00 - up to 13' 9"

$7.50 - up to 14' 9"

For longer blades add .50 per foot.


Repair to damaged blades:

We do not discard any blade unless it is beyond repair. 

There is an extra $3.00 charge for heavily damaged bandsaw blades to be repaired.


Turn around time:

We have a three-day turn around time unless it is a large shipment, in which case we ship a portion of the bandsaw blades within two days.


Instructions for shipping:

Please include in the box:

  • your name and address for both shipping and mailing if they are not the same,
  • your telephone number or numbers
  • length, width and make of your bandsaw blades

Our Mailing & Shipping address:

Jordan's Band Saw Service

5130 Old Tunnel Hill Rd.

Cohutta, GA 30710 

Toll Free Phone No. 1-877-313- 4078


If you are paying by check please figure what the sharpening fee should be for the number of blades you are sending plus the return shipping amount and make a check payable to JBSaw, BT. If you choose to pay by credit card you can use PayPal. You will receive an invoice by email when your bandsaw blades are ready to ship.


Other services include:

  • Free trouble shooting.
  • Return shipping label service through UPS.

If you have any questions please give us a call and we will try to help.

We are an authorized bandsaw sharpening service for Suffolk Machine Co. manufacturer of Timber Wolf bandsaw blades.

We have been operating a bandsaw sawmill of our own for many years and have tested every blade available. During this time we found that the best bandsaw blades are the Timber Wolf Blades from Suffolk Machinery Corp. These are the world's only thin kerf, low tensioned, silicon steel, band mill and resaw blades.

*Well maintained bandsaw blades will work for longer periods of time based on proper sharpening and proper care of bandsaw blades and woodcutting machinery.  Results will vary according to machine care, wood type, and cutting conditions.

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